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You live longer, stronger, and more healthfully when you start eating and living Paleo because you move toward health. When you’re truly healthy, your immune system is solid, protective, and strong. Your body works for you, not against you, and transformation happens.

People usually start Paleo to lose weight. Then layers and layers begin to peel back. Their waists get smaller, their skin and eyes glisten, and their hair may get shinier. They notice conditions healing, and before long, they get the most amazing part of the transformation — a mental, spiritual kind of change. They start thinking more clearly and enjoying a more positive outlook. Paleo reboots the body by flooding it with vitamins and minerals. This healing is possible for anyone who decides to commit to living Paleo!

Why Paleo works better than other approaches

Paleo is more effective than other approaches because it centers on the food that works best with your body. Most important, Paleo foods have one purpose, which is what truly defines Paleo: to nourish the body and get you healthy.

That’s right, the objective behind eating Paleo is to get you healthy. Period. Everything else that comes along the way just follows the natural progression. It’s against natural law not to lose weight, boost immunity, fight aging, heal conditions, and perform better when you’re healthy.

Switch on your healthy genes with Paleo

You’re in the driver’s seat of your health. Your lifestyle choices and the environment in which you choose to live have the biggest impact on the quality of your life. This science is called epigenetics. If you feel as though your genes are the reason you can’t lose weight or get well, no matter how much Paleo food you eat, you can erase all that thinking.

Epigenetics is proof that how humans look and feel is the result of our choices. Think of epigenetics as your ambassador of health. Epigenetics sends messages to your genome (genes) telling it to flick on the switch of health — or not — depending on your lifestyle choices.

If you’re living Paleo, your body will flip the switch to health, and your genes will express this choice. You’ll be healthy, lean, strong, and energetic. If you aren’t making healthy choices, your genes will express sickness, fatigue, or obesity.

A Paleo diet and lifestyle create the raw material your genes need to flip the switch to health. You find that you look and feel your best — naturally.

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