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Adopting a Paleo (or cave man) diet helps your body lose body fat naturally until you've reached your ideal weight. What's so great about eating Paleo is that you lose stored fat because you're actually using that stored fat for energy. Your body transforms in a way it may never have before, and you begin to look — and feel — lean and toned.

[Credit: © Elisseeva 2011]
Credit: © Elisseeva 2011

Here are some of the reasons you lose weight by eating Paleo:

  • You're eating foods with a high-nutrient density without all the garbage calories.

  • You lose the bloat (dump excess water retention).

  • You reduce food sensitivities.

  • You eat foods that help you maintain a healthy blood sugar.

  • You eat foods that regulate your hormones along with the signals associated with hormones.

  • You burn stored fat, thanks to the proteins and fat in the food you eat.

  • You feel more satiated because of the healthy fats you're eating.

  • You eat nutrient-dense foods, creating healthy cells, and weight loss is a natural byproduct.

  • You have more energy eating Paleo, so you tend to move more and have more efficient workouts.

  • You use stored fat for energy instead of sugary carbohydrates, which is a more efficient fat-burning pathway.

  • You eat foods with a high fiber content, which encourages weight loss.

The fact that modern-day foods aren't working is obvious. People are sicker and fatter than ever and are more confused about what to eat and how to live than in any other time in history. But living Paleo cuts through the confusion and clarifies what foods move you toward health.

When you begin eating Paleo, your body sheds all its unhealthy cells. You peel away layers of fat; you become leaner, stronger, and healthier. Living Paleo is about getting you to optimal health and keeping you there. The weight loss is a wonderful bonus!

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