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Don’t be intimidated by that big ham you just cooked. Carving a ham is easy! To carve a ham that has the bone in, however you cooked it, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Place the cooked ham on a cutting board, steady it with a carving fork, and cut off a few slices.

    Take these slices from the narrow side of the ham.

  2. Turn the ham onto the cut side.

    This position makes carving easier because the ham is resting on a flat portion.

  3. Cut a small wedge of meat from the shank end.

    Removing this wedge makes carving easier.

  4. Cut even, thick slices along the ham.

    Cut the slices down to the bone.

  5. Work the blade of the knife under the slices to release them from the bone.

    Use a sawing motion with the knife.

  6. Remove the slices to a serving platter.

    Your ham is ready to be served!

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