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Kids love to help make these candy garlands to decorate the home for Christmas. The garland can be draped on the Christmas tree, over a mantel or a doorway, or any other place where you would like a colorful accent. You can make the garland as long as you want, and you can vary the color scheme depending on what types of candy you choose to use.

You will need the following special equipment:

  • Strong thread, such as nylon or waxed cotton; needle

  • 100 pieces wrapped candy, such as sourballs in cellophane, per 3 to 4 feet of thread

Have you have collected the candy and the thread, follow these steps:

  1. Place the candy in a bowl for easy access.

  2. Thread the needle and make a large knot about 6 inches from one end.

  3. Start sewing the candy together, inserting the needle through the cellophane, stringing the candies together.

    Insert the needle close to the candy, not the end of the cellophane where the thread might rip through it.

  4. Place a knot after the last piece. Use the thread on the ends to tie the garland to branches or whatever else you choose to attach it to.

Children can be shown how to use the needle safely. They really like working with candy — as long as you let them have some, which is a just reward for being Santa’s helper.

You can approach this project in many ways. You can use multicolored candies or ones that fit your color scheme, if you like — red and green, silver and blue, and so on.

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