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Preventing food spoilage is the key to safe canning. Over the years, home canning has become safer and better. Scientists have standardized processing methods, and home canners know more about using these methods.

When you follow up-to-date guidelines exactly, you don’t have to worry about the quality and safety of your home-canned foods. Here are some tips for handling, preparing, and processing your food:

  • Wash and prepare your food well. This removes any dirt and bacteria.

  • Always use the correct processing method for your food. Process all high-acid and pickled food in a water-bath canner. Process all low-acid food in a pressure canner.

  • Process your filled jars for the correct amount of time. Also, if you’re using a pressure canner, process them at the correct pressure.

  • Make altitude adjustments. If your elevation is higher than 1,000 feet above sea level, make the proper adjustments in processing time and pressure for your altitude.

  • Depressurize the natural way. Allow your pressure canner to depressurize to 0 naturally.

  • Let your jars cool. Allow your processed jars to cool undisturbed at room temperature.

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