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The VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program helps veterans who have service-connected disabilities get and keep a job. The VR&E Program (Chapter 31) also has other benefits for veterans, beyond education and training.

After your evaluation by a VA vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC), the VA may determine that you’re entitled to participate in the program but that you don’t need education or vocational training to meet your employment objectives. In such cases, the program offers several other valuable benefits:

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation evaluation to determine abilities, skills, interests, and needs: These include tests and interviews designed to help you discover what occupational field you may be best suited for.

  • Vocational counseling and rehabilitation planning: VA counselors can help you plan a course of action and a set of goals, leading to your dream job.

  • Employment services such as job-seeking skills, resume development, and other work readiness assistance: To find a job, you need to know where to look, and VA counselors can help with that. They can also assist you with preparing that perfect resume in order to land the job of your choice.

  • Assistance finding and keeping a job, including the use of special employer incentives: Some employers give special job preference to veterans. The federal government is the perfect example. The VA can help you locate employers who prefer to hire veterans.

  • Supportive rehabilitation services, including case management, counseling, and referral: While enrolled in the Chapter 31 Program, you receive ongoing support, counseling, and feedback from the VA, leading to the day when you cash that first paycheck.

  • Independent living services: If you’re a veteran with a serious disability, one severe enough to require assistance to perform your daily living activities, the VA has programs that can help you transition to an independent living status.

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