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Here are ten respectable investing pros whose work you can take very seriously, no matter what your skill level. Remember, no one knows everything, and every expert or authority is an avid reader of many others who are great in their singular pursuits.

  • Doug Casey: Casey has been a successful investor and analyst for nearly 50 years, and he's made a fortune for his readers in the resource markets. He provides alerts on currency crises.

  • Gerald Celente: The director of the Trends Research Institute, he gained much respect and notoriety for predicting many major market and economic events, including the 2008 financial crisis. He and his team relentlessly analyze trends and help investors predict trends that will affect their money and their lives.

  • James Dines: Dines is a long-time analyst and editor of The Dines Letter. Among other prescient calls, he forecasted the Internet boom in 1996 and the bull market that started in 2009.

  • Marc Faber: Author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, Marc Faber is a frequent commentator and contributor to many prestigious sites, ranging from CNBC to Barron's. All should consider his insights because he has been one of the most consistently successful market forecasters in Barron's prestigious Roundtable.

  • Stephen Leeb: Stephen Leeb, one of the leading portfolio managers in the country, is frequently on target with his market views and expectations.

  • Michael Pento: One the market's premier economists and portfolio managers, Pento is a proponent of the Austrian school of economics. (The Austrian school has been a successful school of economic thought for more than a century, and it correctly diagnosed and forecast major economic events such as the Great Depression.) He's a savvy observer of debt and equity markets.

  • Robert Prechter: Prechter is the world's leading practitioner of the Elliott Wave cycles theory (a leading school of technical analysis as it relates to major market and economic trends). He successfully forecasted the stock boom of the 1980s and the crash of 2008.

  • James Rickards: As one of the most well-connected economists (he consults with the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and other major institutions), Rickards knows the currency markets better than most.

  • Richard Russell: "The godfather of financial newsletter publishers," Russell has been publishing and commenting on the stock market for more than 60 years. His Dow Theory Letters is still going strong.

  • James Turk: James Turk is one of the world's top experts on precious metals and is an insightful observer of currencies and the banking system.

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