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Several platforms exist where you can find a job that pays in bitcoin. Whether you want to make a career out of working for bitcoin is a different matter entirely, but completing micro tasks is a great way to build a reputation and earn some money on the side.

Unfortunately, hardly any of these tasks pays a substantial amount, though some opportunities can lead to other doors being opened in the future. And those doors can lead to interesting job opportunities, even though those are more the exception than the rule.

One thing to keep in mind when completing any sort of task in exchange for bitcoin is that you have to deal with legitimate people and companies only. If a specific task needs to be completed for a certain company, your chances of getting paid are much higher compared to dealing with random individuals.

Additionally, there is no such thing as getting paid up front in the bitcoin world. Similar to how regular jobs work, you have to provide the service or goods first before you get paid. There are usually no written contracts between both parties to warrant a payment, so tread carefully when jumping at an opportunity.

Other than small tasks, there are always job opportunities from major bitcoin companies or from companies willing to explore the world of digital currency. If you have coding knowledge — preferably in languages like PHP, SQL, JavaScript, or C# — there should be ample job opportunities to choose from.

Bitcoin is still a brand new industry, and many companies think they have what it takes to deliver the "next big thing." As a result, people who find their job in the bitcoin world right now — and surely in the years to come — will not only receive their wage in BTC, but company shares (or stock) as well. Working from home is a possibility, though most jobs require a physical presence wherever the company is located.

Depending on your location, any form of bitcoin income might be subject to taxation. This situation is different for every individual country. Check with your local government or tax revenue office to see whether bitcoin is taxable in your country.

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