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One of the easiest ways of earning parts of a bitcoin comes in the form of so-called faucets. A faucet is a website that lets users claim a tiny amount of bitcoin in a certain time period, which can range anywhere from minutes to days.

Don't expect to get rich overnight by visiting various bitcoin faucets, because most of them will pay next to nothing. Then again, you're doing nothing to earn it.

Bitcoin faucets operate on a simple principle: They keep on giving out tiny chunks of bitcoin as long as there are advertisers willing to spend money to have their banner hosted on the faucet website (clicking the advertising banners generates small revenue for the hosting website). Fractional amounts of bitcoin are regularly distributed, and the funds have to come from somewhere. In most cases, bitcoin faucet operators pay out of their own pocket for the first weeks or months until they can attract enough traffic and secure some advertising deals for their website.

For the novice user, bitcoin faucets are a great way to collect fractional amounts of bitcoin. However, visiting bitcoin faucets all day long would still only get you $2 or $3 maximum, so there is trade-off in terms of whether it is worth your time. In most cases, it isn't worth your time, because there are more productive ways to earn bitcoin, such as forum signature campaigns or completing micro tasks.

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