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Because more than 4,000 niche job boards are available on the Internet, many job seekers don’t even bother trying to find them. The task just seems too daunting. Yet, very often, these niche boards hold the key to the best job postings.

Why do these boards offer the cream of the crop? Think of it this way: If a fresh, young company must choose between paying $600 to a major job board only to get tons of spammy résumés or paying a cheaper $60 to niche boards to get targeted résumés, it will likely choose the second option. The problem with these industry-specific boards is that they’re smaller and harder to find.

Here’s the quick-and-easy way to find these smaller, hyper-focused, industry-specific job listings: Enter either of the following search strings, just as you see them here, in a fresh Google search, replacing [Your field] with the name of the industry or field in which you hope to find a job. Be sure to keep the quotation marks intact as shown.

[Your field] Careers intitle: “job board”

[Your field] Careers intitle: “job listing”

Here’s an example search string that I entered:

“Nonprofit” Careers intitle: “job board”

Then I entered this string:

“Nonprofit” Careers intitle: “job listing”

Try entering these search strings with marketing, accounting, teaching, design, or whatever your industry happens to be.

The International Association of Employment websites (IAEWS) is an international association just for niche job boards. It has thousands of members from every field imaginable around the world. Its site is an amazing resource for finding a local or focused job board in your area. On the website, click on Members, and then click on Browse by Industry/Area to see a listing of boards by industry and location.

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