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If your last job didn't work out, how do you explain that to potential employers? If you were given the boot by your last boss, see if one of these answers may help you in your job interviews..

  • Although I didn’t immediately realize it in this tight economy, hindsight makes me realize that being cut loose was a blessing in disguise. Now I have an opportunity to explore jobs that better suit my qualifications and interests. My research suggests that such an opportunity may be the one on your table. Would you like to hear more about my considerable skills in working with new technology?

  • Although circumstances caused me to leave my first job before I had a chance to prove myself, I was very successful in school and got along very well with both students and faculty. Perhaps I didn’t fully understand my boss’s expectations going in, but I get it now and won’t make that mistake again. Can I find another chance here now that I’m more mature?

  • After thinking about why I left, I realize I should have done some things differently. That job was a learning experience, and I think I’m wiser now. I’d like the chance to prove that to you that I’ll be the best young employee you’ve ever hired.

  • Certain personal problems, which I now have solved, unfortunately upset my work life. These problems no longer exist and I’m up and running strong with a determination to exceed expectations in my new job.

  • I usually hit it off very well with my bosses, but this case was the exception that proved my rule of good relationships. We just didn’t get on well. I’m not sure why.

  • My job was offshored to a low wage country. That’s too bad because people familiar with my work say it is superior and fairly priced.

  • I was desperate for work and took the wrong job without looking around the corner. I won’t make that mistake again. I’d prefer an environment that is structured, success-centered, and team-oriented — where my best talents can shine and make a substantial contribution.

Just hanging your head and saying “I dunno” why I was let go falls in the “duh” department.

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