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After you’ve applied for a job with an organization, you still have some work to do. Remember that at least 16 other people are likely to apply for the same position (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics); in some cases, up to 300 people may apply for one position (according to some job boards).

Although you may be qualified, your application may not even be looked at. Do the following after submitting your application in order to lend it a helping hand:

  • Go radio silent on your Twitter account and other networks in regards to that company. Companies aren’t happy when candidates talk about the fact that they’ve applied to a job or about private conversations they’ve had with their staff. Now that you’ve applied, let things fall where they may. Private correspondence is fine, however.

  • E-mail any contacts you’ve made during your info interviewing and your discussions with hiring managers. Let them know that you applied, that you’re available to answer any questions, and that you’re more passionate than ever before about the possibility of working with them based primarily on their generosity of time and information.

If you really want to know where your application stands, follow the company on LinkedIn and pay attention to whether any new hires have been added recently. If you see someone has taken the position you just applied to, move on.

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