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Creating effective job descriptions to entice staff for your food truck isn’t rocket science, but unless you have experience writing them, it can certainly seem like it. To develop an ad that attracts the best candidates, you need to provide enough information to draw their interest. Including the following items in your job ad can help you do just that.

Job title

This specification may be one of the most important aspects of your ad. Why? The job title is one of the first things a job seeker sees when searching through the want ads. So what will differentiate your ad from the other culinary jobs in your market? The answer is easy: a creative job title. For example, instead of listing the title as “cook” or “line cook,” try spicing it up a little with something like “creative, customer-oriented line cook.”

Company info

Provide some insight into your company by including the following information in your ad:
  • Brief description of the business
  • Cuisine your food truck provides
  • What type of training employees can expect
  • Why someone would want to work for you
  • Work environment (casual, formal, team-focused, flexible hours, and so on)
Even if your truck is widely known in your area, be sure to include this information in your job ad; it can help “sell” your company to prospective candidates.

Job description

Candidates want to know what they’ll actually be doing in this position. Provide a comprehensive description of the position, including
  • Detailed overview of the responsibilities for the position
  • Reason for position opening (growth, expansion, new position, and so forth)

Requirements or qualifications

Outline the skills required for the position. Differentiate between the actual skills required and those skills that’d be helpful to have to do the job. Some of these requirements and qualifications may include
  • The desired or minimum number of years of experience for the particular job position
  • Specific culinary work experience
  • Education or certifications needed
  • Miscellaneous (organizational skills, leadership skills, communications skills, willingness to work long hours, and so on)

How to apply for the position

A job posting isn’t complete without a call to action. Include one or more of the following ways to receive resumés and/or applications and references:
  • Email
  • Mail
  • Website (be sure to specify how to find the employment section within your website)
Also provide specific instructions to what format the resumé should be submitted. For example, you may request that resumés be submitted in MS Word as an attachment to an email or cover letter.

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