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Depending on your daily driving routes, your food truck will be seen by thousands of people every day. So what should you include on its exterior? You can include your logo and images that display your food items in a colorful and appetizing light. Also include anything that you feel your customers need to know about how to find or follow you at a later date, such as your website URL, phone number, or the ways they can follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

Limit the amount of text you have on your truck to your company and contact information. Most viewers will see it from a distance, so it must be large and clear enough to be easily read. Don’t be tempted to cram too much information onto the truck; be concise and use images to attract the interest of potential customers.

A lot of planning needs to be taken into account before you finalize your truck’s appearance. Try to keep in mind what you want your customers to see and where you want that art or information to be. Putting your menu and/or contact information on the right side of the truck is very important because when you’re parked street-side, customers will be walking up to (and therefore viewing) the passenger side to get to your service window. You can use the left side of your truck to add images of your food along with your logo and contact information.

When wrapping your truck, don’t forget about the roof. This adds a little extra bang for your buck in urban communities, where there are tall office buildings. Placing your Twitter name or website address on your roof will give those working in office buildings a way to find out who you are and what they are missing out on.

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