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A very important aspect of starting and operating a food truck is quality customer service, because, without it, your business won’t survive. One aspect of customer service that many food truck owners overlook is providing their customers with an easy refund or return policy. So be sure to keep customer service in mind while writing this policy.

You should have an easy-to-understand refund policy designed something like this: 100 percent satisfaction or 100 percent money back. If you’re great at what you do, why not promise 100 percent satisfaction? Vow to take care of every customer complaint to the customer’s complete satisfaction, including a full refund if that’s what it takes.

Other refund options include offering customers a replacement meal or coupons that give free meals for their use in the future. Ask customers directly what they need to be satisfied and consider using their suggestion. If they choose a refund for their meal, only refund in the same form of currency used for the purchase. For example, if the customer purchased the item with a credit card, issue a credit to that same card.

Make it a policy for you or your truck manager to pull unhappy customers aside to address issues when the customers are still at the truck. This task should always be performed by a manager, because an entry-level service window attendant may not be able to adequately address and solve the problem. Your managers should be capable of defusing any immediate trouble and assuring the customers that their issue will be resolved.

Place your food truck’s return policy in plain view. Doing so makes it easier for the customer to understand upfront what type of refunds your business allows, and in some states, posting your refund/return policy is required by law.

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