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Etsy Promoted Listings is one of two tools to Etsy offers to help you advertise your shop. Etsy Promoted Listings, is, to quote Etsy, "good for improving discoverability within Etsy search results." With Etsy Promoted Listings, you simply note how much you want to spend each day on Promoted Listings, and Etsy does the rest — propelling your listings to the top of the heap (or close to it) when prospective buyers type relevant keywords.

To set up Etsy Promoted Listings, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Shop Manager link along the top of any Etsy Marketplace page. The main Shop Manager page opens.
  2. Click the Promote link on the left side of the page and choose Advertising Options in the pane that appears. The Etsy Advertising page appears.

    etsy-advertising Source:,

    The Etsy Advertising page.
  3. Click the Start Advertising on Etsy button. The Promoted Listings page opens.

    etsy-promoted-listings Source:

    The Promoted Listings page.
  4. Enter your daily budget. This can range from $1 to $10. (The more you spend, the more impressions you'll get.)
  5. If you want new listings to be automatically included in your ad buy, toggle on the Automatically Advertise New Listings setting.
  6. Click the Start Advertising button. Etsy sets up your Promoted Listings campaign. Then it displays the Advertising dashboard with the Promoted Listings tab displayed. From here, you can view stats on ad performance and sales from ads.
etsy-advert-dashboard Source:

The Advertising dashboard with Promoted Listings info displayed.

When you launch Promoted Listings, it will remain in effect until you discontinue it. To do so, click the Manage link near the top of the Promoted Listings page of the Advertising dashboard. The Manage Promoted Listings page opens. Then toggle the Advertise with Promoted Listings setting off to disable it. (To re-enable the feature, you simply toggle the Advertise Promoted Listings setting back on.)

etsy-manage-promos Source:

The Manage Promoted Listings page.

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