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A great way to keep in touch with your Etsy customers is to send periodic email newsletters. For example, you may send an email newsletter to announce an upcoming sale, to spread the word about a new product, or to share a coupon.

Who should receive your email newsletter? If your answer is "anyone and everyone who has ever ordered from my Etsy shop," stand down. Etsy considers that behavior spamful, and it's against their House Rules. The right answer is, "anyone who has added their name to my email list and has consented to receive newsletters." (This doesn't mean you should convo all your past customers to see whether they want a seat on your bandwagon, however. That's a violation of Etsy's House Rules, too.)

Here are three ways to build your mailing list without honking off Etsy:
  • Include a link to sign up for your newsletter in the About section of your shop page.
  • Include a link to sign up for your newsletter in your shop announcement.
  • Include a link to sign up for your newsletter in the "thank you" message you send to a buyer when she buys something in your shop.
When it comes to composing and distributing your newsletter, we recommend that you use an email newsletter service such as MailChimp. Not only does MailChimp enable you to manage subscribers and employ different templates to add some visual spice to your newsletter, but it also allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to as many as 2,000 subscribers for free. Other email newsletter services include Constant Contact and Vertical Response.

Make it a point to send your newsletters on a regular — but not overwhelming — basis, like biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. If you're planning a sale or launching a new product line, you can pepper in a few extra missives.

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