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Twitter is an important part of any micro-entrepreneurial business marketing plan. You can use Twitter to promote your micro-entrepreneurial business, market special events and sales, and keep current with trends in your business industry. Twitter provides a great way to connect to present and future customers of your micro-entrepreneurial business.

Twitter is an abbreviated form of communication called micro-blogging. The world of Twitter has followers and those that are followed. They communicate by tweeting. A tweet is a brief message (only 140 characters long) that contains a succinct message and may contain a link to an article, a picture, or a video.

Because Twitter is a great tool for announcing events (with tweets), keep in mind how you can use it in tandem with other media.

You can enhance venues, such as blogs, websites, and video channels with Twitter. Try and tweet five to seven times per day. The goal for a micro-entrepreneur when using Twitter is really quite simple:

  • Follow the trends in your niche and the market leaders that are in your products and services.

  • Comment on others’ tweets.

  • Tweet short helpful tips relevant to your niche.

  • Tweet marketing messages to those that follow you without being too pushy.

For example, you might do a YouTube channel with subscribers, and then integrate it with Twitter. This way, when you do a video and upload it to your channel, Twitter automatically sends an alert to your followers.

Furthermore, many bulk email service providers integrate with Twitter. This means that when you send an ezine, it’s integrated with Twitter, and a tweet is automatically sent to your followers.

Keep in mind that the name of the game for you, as a micro-entrepreneur and a marketer, is to build your list of followers on Twitter. The more followers you have, the more people you can communicate to about what you are doing (and what you are selling).

Twitter can also help you do joint ventures. Consider doing a search on Twitter and these for keywords. For example, say that you’re an interior designer looking for more clients. Do a search for words and phrases tied to interior design to find those conversations, Twitter groups, and companies that are discussing interior design, or you can follow those that need or use interior designers.

To give yourself a boost with not only Twitter but also with other social media (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), consider outsourcing though sites like Fiverr, which allows you to boost your marketing efforts for a relatively small fee.

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