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Whoa! The stories of filing claims with UPS are legendary. Almost any eBay seller can tell you quite a story. Making a claim with UPS is a good deal easier than making a claim with the post office. After they file and accept your damage claim, you get a check within five days.

For damaged packages, UPS recently streamlined the process, although the buyer must make the claim. You can (if you really want to) call 1-800-PICK-UPS (cute, eh?) to file your claim. The better idea is to try the online reporting feature and clicking the File a Claim link. Be sure you make your report to UPS within 48 hours of delivery.

On the online claim form, you’ll be asked to input all information about the package and the damage. UPS seems to be familiar with its own handiwork because you get to select your particular type of damage from a menu. After you’ve filled out and submitted the form, just sit on your haunches and wait for the UPS claims department to contact you.

Print your form after filling it out so you can keep all claim reference information in one place.

After the buyer makes the claim, UPS sends a Damage/Loss Notification Letter form to the seller. The seller must fill out the form to state the item’s value and attach supporting documentation. The form can then be faxed back to UPS for final verification.

Save the damaged item and all the packaging that it came in. UPS may send an inspector out to look at the package before they approve a claim.

If a UPS shipment appears to be lost, the seller must call UPS to request a package tracer. If UPS is unable to prove delivery, the claim is paid.

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