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The direct selling industry can help you achieve what you want out of life. If you are just starting your direct selling business, you might need some help. Following are the top ten resources for direct sellers.

Step Into Success

After having been in this industry for 35 years, worked with hundreds of companies and literally thousands of independent representatives, Step Into Success offers some of the best resources for training and consulting in the industry.

Step Into Success offers an array of programs that focus on follow-up, host coaching, the proven system the Power Hour, how to build a million-dollar organization, how to plan and execute interviews and opportunity events — and so much more.

If you're a leader looking for training to help motivate your downline or a corporate representative looking to add valuable industry training at your next event or convention, live-event training is for you!

Step Into Success is truly a one-stop shop for all your direct sales needs.

Time management

Time-management tools are a great way to keep on top of your to-do lists. With these apps and resources, you can set up tasks and reminders from your computer, tablet, or phone. You can create multiple lists, set priorities, get push notifications, and even share task lists with others.

Tasks are important to set for yourself daily, weekly, and monthly. Schedule your Power Hour times using these apps as well as your personal priorities and responsibilities. Time-management tools are also great when planning events with other leaders in your team because many apps give you the ability to share task lists with others.


Another great time-management resource is marGo. marGo is the first invitation service designed specifically for direct sellers. marGo offers mail, email, text, Facebook posting, voice broadcasting, and invitation images. marGo provides three touches before a party to help ensure your in-home or virtual party is well attended, and two touches after the party to capitalize on post-party orders, bookings, and recruiting.

Organization and file sharing

Organization and file-sharing tools help you keep your business documents in one place and easy for you and your team to access. With these tools, you have the ability to take notes, track tasks, and save anything you find online. The app syncs everything together between your phone and your computer automatically, meaning you can access your information from anywhere.

You can also invite others to view your work. That's great for sharing your training documents with new recruits and people on your team. You can also store images that you use for marketing and online parties.

Some great resources worth trying include the following:

Team communication and online meetings

Keeping in contact with your team is important to your success. There are many resources available out there for you to hold conference calls as well as online webinars. Online meetings work as additions to your monthly meeting, especially if your team isn't local to you.

You can also use these resources to hold opportunity calls where you can invite prospects to join to learn more about the opportunity from a top leader in the organization. Here are some suggestions:

Social media communication and management

Social media management applications help you view, schedule, and post to all of your social media sites. Applications like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to plan posts in advance with their scheduling options so you can spend less time on your social media accounts.

They also give you the opportunity to stay consistent with your social media and share content across a variety of platforms in a few simple clicks. You can also measure your return on investment (ROI) using their analytics and reporting. These tools are for anyone who wants to take their social media and engagement to the next level.

Video creation

Video is an amazing tool for your business. Video creation apps give you the ability to share videos or post your own videos from your phone to your YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Share video testimonials, product demonstrations, and training using videos. The following resources allow you to record, edit, and share your videos while on the go:

Images and graphics

There are many excellent resources for creating free or very affordable graphics. With these apps and websites, you can create many types of images, especially for sharing on social media. You can choose from pre-set images such as Facebook post, Twitter heading, and so on. You can also create custom images of any size.

And you can create things like postcards, thank-you cards, and posters. Check out some favorites:

Newsletters and email

Not all direct sales companies offer customer newsletters on your behalf, so it's important to send out monthly reminders to your customers. These newsletters and emails can cover things like the opportunity, monthly specials, product highlights, tips, host benefits, and so on. You can also use these newsletter and email applications to stay in contact with your team and downline.

Another great idea is to have a newsletter specifically for your loyal customers and VIP hosts. Give them the first sneak peak at new products and specials.

Here are some resources to try:

Business expenses and money management

Track your mileage, store your receipts, and keep more of your money!

These resources and tools will keep your expenses organized and help you keep more of your money when it comes to tax time:

Website and blog creation

Most direct sales companies will offer you a website (for free or for a small fee) where you can set up online parties as well as sell products online through an e-commerce system. But many representatives opt to set up an additional website or blog to share content and interesting information with their customers and fans.

Blog posts work great for sharing on social media and encouraging engagement. You can share video tutorials, interesting facts, and product information through your blogs. Check out three favorite (and free) platforms:

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