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If you hit your direct sales booking goals, you will have the income you want. It's as simple as that. And you probably went into business to make money (at least it was one of the reasons), so what could be more important than striving for your goals?

Collecting orders through friends, coworkers, and social media contacts is a great way to top off your monthly orders and get you closer to your monthly sales goal. But bookings, whether accomplished online or in-person, are a sure way to generate the income you want and desire.

Just why are bookings so important? Well, bookings give you the opportunity to do all of the following:

  • Earn an income by selling product. You will be able to present the product to your clients, and they will be able to experience the benefits first-hand. By being able to see and interact with more people at one time, you'll have a greater amount of sales in one setting, thus earning a larger income.

  • Build a client base for re-servicing. Re-servicing is an important part of your business and will give you an extra stream of income. By holding more bookings, you will reach more people quickly, thus creating a larger pool of customers and clients to sell to on an on-going basis.

  • Schedule new bookings from attending guests. Customers from parties make the best hosts because they have already seen a party first-hand. People are more inclined to book their own party that night while they are enjoying their time with friends, which is better than waiting to call to book with them at a later date.

  • Find potential team members. Some of your best recruit leads are at the party because they see your job in action and understand the job description, so make sure your job seems fun, easy, and manageable. You will find that the people you meet from your parties are more productive because they tend to do the business in the manner in which they met you.

You get to kill four birds with one stone. How important (and awesome) is that?

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