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Watch for subtle signals in your customers that indicate that they are ready to make a purchase so you can stop your sales pitch. A good salesperson should never keep talking when they pick up on certain buying signals. Otherwise, you can unconsciously undo the sale by raising issues that confuse rather than comfort the decision maker — not to mention, you can just turn your customers off by being longwinded! Either way, you've missed the moment when the prospect was ready to become a customer.

When a potential customer indicates that he or she is ready to buy, stop selling! Read on for some signals to watch for.

Examples of Nonverbal Cues

Watch for very subtle signals that your customer is ready for you to drop the sales pitch and start talking specifics about purchasing. Here are some examples:

  • Relaxed demeanor.

  • Increased eye contact.

  • Leaning forward, uncrossing arms or legs.

  • Nodding, agreeing, showing enthusiasm.

  • Making calculations, studying sales tags or contract, reaching for pen, billfold, or handbag.

Examples of Verbal Cues

Sometimes, your customer all but tells you that they're ready to buy. Whatever you do, don't stay in salesman mode when you here the following:

  • Increased questions about product details.

  • Requests to see features demonstrated a second or third time.

  • Questions about customization options.

  • Questions about delivery schedules.

  • Questions about payment plans or options.

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