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Your catalog is a great tool for showcasing your direct sales business and the products you represent. Without having some sort of catalog, doing business can be difficult. If your catalog is large or very expensive, you may decide to carry a mini catalog or brochure that your company offers. Or you may just decide to carry a larger purse, tote bag, shoulder bag, or whatever.

Regardless of what your catalog looks like, it is your store, your inventory, your list of services, and your marketing.

More than having your catalog with you, it's what you do with it that really matters. Here are two important things you just can't miss:

  • Your contact information: Make sure your contact information is on your catalog and that it is clearly visible. Many catalogs have a spot on the back page where you can put a stamp or a label. You want to make sure that your customers, clients, and leads can find your information quickly.

    Stamping your information or placing a label on your catalogs is extremely important. When someone wants to make a purchase, you want them to know how to reach you. For one, you miss out on opportunities for sales, bookings, and potential recruits. And two, you miss out on your chance at a great first impression because you weren't ready for business.

    Label your catalogs as soon as you get them in the mail. Make it a habit!

  • Their contact information: It's important to get your lead's contact information as well. You won't always be able to rely on leads to contact you, and because you're responsible for the income your business creates, you shouldn't rely on their initiative.

    Stick a note in the upper right-hand corner of one of your catalogs. Then when you are out and about and give a catalog to someone, you can say, "And if you wouldn't mind just putting your information on there so that I can follow up with you, that would be wonderful." Make sure you always have a pen handy, too. She gets to keep the catalog and you have her information to add to your lead notebook so you can follow up with her.

Convenience is king. When people have to wait for information, they move on to someone else.

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