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With such a strong focus on the business and income opportunity and how common it is for customers to just go ahead and join right at the beginning, in the Network Marketing direct sales model, you will commonly be offering the business opportunity to your contacts at the same time you offer the product.

Often in these companies, the opportunity is strongly considered to actually be one of the most compelling "products" you offer. So, you'll sometimes present the income opportunity before they even try the product, or soon after they become your customer.

When recruiting into your Network Marketing business, you look for people who are seeking a business opportunity, who are interested in earning money, and/or people who absolutely love the product. Due to the consumer network nature of your Network Marketing business, people who are not interested in promoting the business at all can still provide excellent contributions to your network due to their sheer enthusiasm about the product. Product superfans who talk about the product and either sign their friends up "by accident" or refer their contacts to talk to you can be just as effective for the growth of your network as people intent on making an income.

Your main objective when seeking new, independent representatives for your team is to naturally and organically gain access to other people's networks and therefore expand your own network. This expansion into the people your contact knows and the people they know (and so on) is part of what drives the exponential growth in network marketing.

Each of the people who join will experience at least a small financial benefit from their own referrals, so it ends up being a winning situation, even for those who are just in the network to get a discount or because they are in love with the product for their own personal use.

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