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Part of the formula for a manager to build a successful sales team is the everyday work environment. A negative, toxic environment produces negative, toxic results. Sadly, that type of environment still exists.

If you're going to have a winning team, they can't hang out in losing surroundings. If you're going to take care of those superstars, you've got to give them the proper workplace for them to thrive.

Make it a point to let everyone know it's okay to have fun at her job. Nobody wants to work in a place like that. Encourage fun. In fact, you should lead the fun movement — life's too short to take things so seriously.

When you create an environment so stiff and uptight that people can't relax and enjoy themselves — that's when mistakes happen, that's when things go horribly wrong. Let your team members let their hair down a little. This isn't meant to imply you have to have a playroom, but you shouldn't make going to work seem like going to a funeral. And, we've all seen those situations!

Your sales team — especially your top salespeople — should never dread going into the office or coming to work. This is where they should come alive!

Salespeople thrive when they open up and fly. Don't cage them and inhibit their flight and growth — encourage them to let go and see what happens!

Have your top salespeople help create their environment. In the book, Nuts by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, the authors discuss how Herb Kelleher built Southwest Airlines by hiring (The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group) people who had a sense of humor.

They tell one story about the tugs used to pull luggage carts around the tarmac at the airport. Kelleher and his Southwest managers decided to let the baggage handlers customize the paint job on the tugs — everything from painting them to look like their favorite driver's race car to adorning them in the colors of football teams.

What happened as a result was that the baggage handlers took a sense of ownership and pride in their tugs and maintenance costs dropped dramatically. Simply because they were involved in creating their environment and making it fun.

Decide how you can use a similar strategy. Does the break room need painting? If so, consider letting your team pick out the paint.

The best salespeople you will ever find are creative by nature. Don't stifle their creativity in any manner. Allow it to flourish.

Your superstars have achieved their level of success by not hanging around the Negative Nellies. They automatically move away from those people and their surroundings. So, don't wait for them to have to move — be out front and build a workplace, office, or environment where they can continue to be their best.

Finally, a winning environment is one where people know they're winning. They don't keep it a secret. Have you ever been to an auto dealership or a retail outlet where they ring a bell when a sale is made or announce it over the speaker? These people are having fun and they're selling! And, the customers get in on the act, too.

Lighten up. Buy a cowbell, a cymbal, a gong, or something and get out there and have some fun and sell something!

Your top salespeople are going to be top salespeople with your company or for someone else's. As Vince Lombardi once said, "The man on the top of the mountain didn't fall there."

These people ascend to the top wherever they are. You should make it your mission to keep them inspired and feeling as if they're a part of something special. And, just like treating a good customer well, if you don't, someone else will.

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