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Did you know that there’s not a whole lot of difference between the activities of an average salesperson and a great one? They both work to find potential clients. They each qualify clients, present information and products, handle concerns, and close sales. The main difference is the point where they give up when the going gets tough. Successful people keep going at the point where failures or average people stop.

Top sales pros may not take hours longer to close a sale. It may just take them one more closing attempt than the average salesperson tried.

Another way successful salespeople differ from their average counterparts is in time management. Average salespeople don’t plan their time effectively. They don’t invest time in themselves to improve their skills. Some even work their sales job like it’s a clerical position. They don’t ever see the incredible opportunities that lie before them.

Successful salespeople know what time of day is best for selling. That’s when they sell instead of doing paperwork. They keep the details of pending sales organized and readily accessible because they understand that opportunities to close sales can show up randomly. They also schedule time for reflection, to review of strategies and training.

A final point of difference is that average salespeople just don’t want to work very hard, whereas successful salespeople know the harder they work, the more they earn. J. Douglas Edwards once said, “Selling is the highest‐paid hard work and the lowest‐paid easy work there is.” Average salespeople are average simply because they’re not motivated enough to work just a little harder.

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