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Closing should follow naturally and smoothly after you address your buyers’ concerns. But if your buyer doesn’t automatically pick up a pen to approve your paperwork or write a check, don’t panic. You don’t have to turn into Jo Typical Salesperson and apply pressure to get what you want.

Getting your prospect’s business can be as simple as saying, “How soon do we start?” At this point, if you’re confident about being able to give her what she needs, you should begin taking verbal ownership of your future business relationship with assumptive statements and questions.

You may also want to use analogies, quotes from famous people, or today’s news to persuade people to go ahead and get started today. Use similar-situation stories about other clients who got involved with your product or service and are happy they did. Be prepared to show the potential client how she can afford this product or service if that’s her area of hesitation. Often, that’s just a matter of doing the math to show her how affordable the item is compared to the benefits she’ll receive.

When it comes time to close, you should have reduced any sales resistance the person had early on and increased her level of sales acceptance so that closing is just a matter of agreeing on the details of startup or delivery dates and/or financing arrangements.

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