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To get your target audience to notice your new white paper, you need to unveil it like a mini-product launch. Try different promotional tactics and repeat as long as they keep working. Don’t abandon promotions too soon, and use all these must-do tactics:

  • Create a landing page with an abstract

  • Feature the white paper prominently on your website

  • Mention it in company newsletters

  • E-mail your sales force and channel partners (if any)

  • E-mail your house opt-in list

  • Tweet it on Twitter

  • Blog about it

  • Announce it to relevant LinkedIn groups

  • Publish a press release

  • Send it to relevant journalists

  • Send it to relevant bloggers

  • Get it mentioned in channel partner newsletters

  • Post it on free white paper sites

  • Create a slide deck

  • Send your slide deck to your sales force and channel partners (if any)

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Gordon Graham — also known as That White Paper Guy — is an award-winning writer who has created more than 200 B2B white papers for clients from New York to Australia. Gordon has written white papers on everything from choosing enterprise software to designing virtual worlds for kids, and for everyone from tiny start-ups to Google.

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