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Predictive analytics software shows you which customers in your customer relationship management (CRM) system to target, based on intent data. Intent data can show you which companies are researching particular topics of interest. Predictive analytics works to examine companies that are your current customers to find similar companies you currently have in your CRM that would also be a good fit.

Imagine if you're an established company with 2,000 current customers. You closed 1,000 of those customers within the last year. A predictive analytics tool works to find all the other companies currently in your CRM that are open leads or opportunities that match the same criteria. This is called historical back-testing. Predictive analytics takes your data to analyze similarities from your current customer data and your ideal customers. Here are some useful tools:

  • 6Sense: 6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for sales and marketing. Using its private network of billions of time-sensitive intent interactions, 6sense uncovers net-new prospects at every stage of the funnel and determines which existing prospects are in market to buy. 6sense predicts what products prospects will buy, how much they will buy, and when. 6sense is the central nervous system that powers every part of B2B marketing and sales.
  • EverString: EverString allows you to build pipeline and increase conversion rates with the only account-based, full-funnel predictive analytics solution for sales and marketing. EverString Decision Platform provides a complete, simple, and transparent SaaS offering for lead scoring and predictive demand generation. It's an intelligence layer that enables the predictive generation of marketing.
  • Infer: Infer's predictive models analyze thousands of internal and external buying signals and use proven data science to predict which prospects will go on to be great customers. Its technology uses historical data from your CRM app, as well as activity data and signals from the web – (such as website traffic, relevant job postings, patent filings, social presence, and the technology vendors a company uses) to determine which contacts and accounts are most likely to convert. In addition, Infer's Prospect Management platform goes further by helping businesses identify high-value segments, review and act on intelligent recommendations, and automate next-best actions.
  • Lattice Engines:  The platform allows you to search for contacts based on job title and seniority (or "level") to create high-quality lists of contacts and accounts that match your ICP and personas. With Lattice, companies can
    • Find net-new contacts that have expressed intent on external sites but not yet engaged with your company. Identify accounts that look similar to your existing customers or ICP.
    • Revive "dead" prospects from your existing database. This activity helps with reinforcing and adding to your list of Tier A, B, or C accounts.
  • Mintigo: Mintigo's Predictive Marketing Platform evaluates every account and assigns a predictive score according to your "CustomerDNA™". This enables you to quickly identify accounts that are most likely to purchase your product. By using predictive scoring along with Mintigo's data attributes such as technologies used and purchase intent that make up the score, you can target the right prospects with the right message. Mintigo will also help you identify net new target accounts that match your CustomerDNA™ as well as leads and contacts for those accounts.
This figure shows you how to import this new data into your CRM.

Importing data feeds into your CRM.

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