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Interactive content is a relatively new content type that can really grab your prospects' attention. This content type is becoming popular because it's easy to create with some new tools. It's popular with customers because you don't have to require an email address.

Some examples of this type of content are

  • Interactive infographics

  • Quizzes and assessments

  • Interactive white papers

  • Advanced calculators

  • Polls

  • Interactive videos

  • Interactive shopping catalogs

You gain several benefits from using this type of content:

  • Higher potential to develop a long-term customer: When prospects make an investment in your content by answering questions or providing their own content, this content becomes their asset. They may return to your site often and possibly purchase something.

  • Knowledge about your audience: When prospects answer questions, fill in a quiz, or take an assessment, they are providing information about themselves. This information is given to you freely, so they don't feel coerced.

Recently, several companies have come online to help you create this type of interactive content. Here are some examples:

  • Ceros: This company's platform helps you create interactives for formats including infographics, lookbooks (a collection of photos showing different aspects of something), and microsites.

  • SnapApp: SnapApp helps you create ten different types of interactive content, including contests, quizzes, and infographics.

  • Ion Interactive: This company specifically targets content marketers and provides support or services to create interactive content.

    Ion Interactive.
    Ion Interactive.

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