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If you’ve been on Facebook for a while, maybe you’ve already liked your favorite business Pages as yourself (that is, your personal Profile). If so, you know that when you like a Page, any status updates or shared content for that Page make their way into your News Feed. Liking a Page is one more way to keep up with the brands you enjoy.

Commenting as your business Page instead of yourself is one way to promote your own business Page and increase its visibility in new communities.

We encourage you to spend some time developing a strategy around which Pages you want to have associated with your own business Page. When you’re choosing which Pages to like, it’s a good idea to choose Pages that you think will fit with your audience’s expectations.

Liking the NFL Page, for example, would seem incongruous with your Doll Factory Page and wouldn’t mesh well with your established community. On the other hand, that same community may appreciate a link to another business Page about restoring antique dolls.

If you’re viewing a Page as your Page, and you prefer to comment as your personal Profile instead, you need to switch back to your personal Profile. When you switch back, you’re deposited on your personal Profile News Feed instead of the Page you were just viewing. You need to navigate back to that Page and then leave your comment as your personal Profile.

Follow these steps to like a Page as your business Page:

  1. Switch to your business Page, as noted previously.

  2. Navigate to a Page you want to like.

  3. Click the Like button at the top of the Page.

    Note that this process is the same one you use when you like a Page as your personal Profile.

  4. (Optional) Post a comment.

    Pages don’t receive notification when a Page likes them, so it’s nice to leave a comment as your Page to say hello. The Page owner will, however, be able to see that you’ve liked his Page as a Page when he looks through his likers and filters for Pages. When you leave your comment, the posting name and thumbnail image are that of your Page Profile, not your personal Profile.

When one business Page likes another business Page, that like doesn’t count toward the total number of likes. Suppose that Blogging Basics 101 has 800 likes. If the Simply Amusing Designs Page decides to like Blogging Basics 101, the total number of likes on Blogging Basics 101 stays at 800 instead of increasing to 801.

That way, the likes on a Page aren’t artificially inflated by personal and business Profiles owned by the same person.

Using a strategy of liking certain Pages as your Page gives you a curated News Feed for you to view (as your Page). It’s a bit like creating a list of the businesses you want to keep up with. The Home News Feed for your Page Profile can be a great place to view what other Pages are doing for marketing on Facebook, too.

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