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Some elements that are important for search engine optimization (SEO) are fairly well hidden in the HTML (programming code) of a page. Sure, you can see a web page’s source code by choosing View Source on each page individually, but that’s time consuming. A tool that can pick out just the important SEO elements and display them together, even for multiple pages simultaneously, is much more efficient!

The SEO Multi-Page Information tool is one of the free tools created by Bruce Clay, Inc. to help make search engine optimization easier. With this free tool, you enter the URLs for up to six web pages and then view a report that shows each page’s

  • Title tag

  • Meta description tag

  • Meta keywords tag

  • Heading 1

  • Canonical link element

Being able to view all these page elements at a glance can help you with website maintenance, new content creation, and even competitor research. Here are a couple of examples of this useful capability:

  • Scenario 1: If you need to confirm that your pages have unique title tags, you can enter your own website URLs (six at a time).

  • Scenario 2: When you’re writing a new web page, enter the URLs of the top-ranked pages for your topic. You may find comparing what your top competitors have written helpful so that you can create tags good enough to compete.

How to use the SEO Multi-Page Information tool

  1. Go to to access the SEO Multi-Page Information tool.

  2. Click on SEO Tools.

  3. Click on Free Tools.

  4. Click on the Multi-Page Information Tool.

  5. Type or paste in up to six web page URLs (such as Be sure to press the Enter key (the Return key on a Mac) after each URL you enter so that you have one URL per line.

  6. Click the Get Data button.


While you’re at, you can try out the many other free SEO tools besides the SEO Multi-Page Information tool.

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