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When marketing your products or business, the basic business card is a low-cost, highly effective tool. Your business card gets passed around to a lot of people, so make sure it’s printed professionally and provides enough information. You want your business card to present you and your business in the best possible way. Try these design tips:

  • Print custom business cards for specific events (your local copy shop can do short runs for you on the cheap).

  • Design a two-fold, triple-sized business card (its face looks like a normal card, but when you open it up, you get a mini-catalog or brochure).

  • Include customer quotes or testimonials on the back of your business card.

  • Put a beautiful landscape photo on your card to make it appealing and memorable.

  • Include a tagline emphasizing your benefits to customers or your mission statement.

  • Use unusual, high-quality paper to give your card a unique feel in the hand.

  • Always have a business card with you and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals (people are usually more than happy to help).

  • Update your logo and layout to make your card look more sophisticated than the competitors’ cards.

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