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A true account-based marketing (ABM) campaign will include the persona criteria you created. You will need data that matches these personas to find all the people involved in the account's purchase decision. Data will help give you the knowledge of how to reach your contacts in your targeted accounts. These are the people you will prospect with marketing activities.

All of this information is stored in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. These data sources will help you with obtaining the right contact data on your personas:

  • First and last name
  • Job title
  • Seniority
  • Physical office address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
The account detail page in your CRM will show you all of the data related to an account. Here are some of the data sources most useful for obtaining contact information:
  • LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Navigator tool gives you recommendations for which contacts you should connect with, then syncs daily with your CRM. You have free access to more than 380 million professional profiles.

Here's an example: You're targeting engineers within an IT department. You created an ad on LinkedIn that targets that job profile and industry. You have the contact for this engineer in your CRM. Now, you need to add in the manager, director, and VP of the engineer's company, because they all have a stake in the decision to purchase from your company.

  • NetProspex: This tool was recently acquired by Dun & Bradstreet, and is designed specifically for marketing data management. It allows you to add new targeted contacts, expand visibility, and enable ABM using titles and look-alike profiles. The SalesProspex tool tracks more than 2,800 technologies at more than two million companies, so you can quickly add lists of companies to your CRM and append data on existing contacts and accounts.
  • Salesforce Connect: This crowd-sourced community provides more than 45 million complete business contacts and is available integrated into the Prospector offering within Salesforce. Customers can search for contacts and decision makers at specific accounts, by industry, location, function, level, and more, right within their instance of Salesforce. Individuals can also join the Connect community to contribute and earn, or purchase, credits to find new leads.
  • DiscoverOrg: Datasets are updated at least every 90 days profiling every company to include an organizational chart for the department, a list of installed technology, and even current or planned projects. This data can be targeted towards job titles or company financial information, including specifics for the Fortune 1000, Forbes 400, and S&P 500 companies.
  • ZoomInfo: The platform provides profiles and contact information for more than 135 million people. It integrates directly into your CRM to import detailed profiles at the contact and account-level. Emails, phone numbers, job titles, companies, and other data are compared in your CRM to identify any mismatches. The Enhance feature fills in missing fields to help build out a full contact record. This helps to improve segmentation when you create lists of contacts and accounts.

These data providers help you find contact data on types of personas within an account will let you filter by company name. This makes it easy to find the right people in your target accounts.

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