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When it comes to testing your leads, what parameters do you test for? It'll vary, but you're sure to come up with plenty. Need some ideas? Take a look at this handy list courtesy of Dan Siroker, CEO and cofounder of Optimizely, and Pete Koomen, president and cofounder of Optimizely:

  • Calls-to-action

    Change the CTA (call-to-action) text on your buttons to see which word works to convert more visitors.

    Change the location of your CTA.

    Test different colors, shapes, and sizes for your CTA buttons.

  • Content

    Try gated content versus ungated content. What is getting the most traffic and shares?

    Test different content types. Do your leads prefer visual assets like slide decks, or are they sticking to your ebooks?

    Test different ways of displaying your content on your website. Try a website resource center where all of your content lives, and test content displayed on product or service pages.

  • Copy

    Change your headline text and try different tones and variations.

    Test paragraphs versus numbered or bulleted lists.

    Try different fonts and bold versus italics.

  • Imagery

    Test different headers on your emails and landing pages.

    Test different graphic images on your website or on landing pages.

    Test a rotating carousel on your home page versus a static image or video.

  • Site navigation

    Try out different menu navigations and determine what works best.

    Test fixed or scrolling navigation.

    Change your navigation titles to try out different copy.

  • Forms

    Test the length of your forms.

    Try using drop-downs versus multiple choice fields.

    Test out offering coupons or promotions to try to get more leads to fill out your forms.

  • Social

    Change the size and placement of your social sharing buttons to see what prompts more shares.

    Try different shapes and sizes of your social sharing buttons.

    Test social sign-on instead of having leads fill out a form.

  • Email

    Test the length and copy of your emails.

    Test out different subject lines.

    Try different email send times to see when you get the most conversions.

  • Personalization

    Test out sending personalized email correspondence on a lead's birthday.

    Create seasonal or holiday-specific promotions.

    Use personalization throughout your emails by calling out the lead's name and certain attributes.

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