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You know that if your content is not widely distributed, you have no chance of capturing new customers. Keep these five tips in mind when you are developing content to be shared:

  • Publish on a consistent schedule. You want people to get into the habit of reading and sharing your content on a consistent basis. This means that you have to establish a routine of regularly publishing content. If your customers never know when they will be getting new content from you, they will lose interest in following you.

  • Make content easy to share. Each social platform has a different mechanism for sharing content. You need to make sure that wherever you publish content, you make sharing it as easy as possible on that specific platform. Also, be aware that images connected with your content must conform to the platform it's being published on. One size does not fit all when it comes to images.

  • Create an ambassador group. An ambassador group member is one who is recognized by your company as a loyal customer and is given special perks or discounts. If you encourage your ambassador group to share and connect with other potential customers, you have a group you can count on to spread your message.

  • Get employees to share. Don't forget that your employees are just as connected to the content that you create as you are. Encourage them to share content that resonates with them. It will be seen as a genuine outreach to your community.

  • Use bookmarking sites to get attention. Bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg help expose your content to a wide audience. Make an effort to share content to those sites so that you get the attention of new readers.

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