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If you fail to document your buyer's journey, you will never be sure that you are supplying the right content at the right time. Follow these guidelines as you document your buyer's journey:

  • Put customers at the center of your thinking. Today's empowered customers expects to be given all the content they need to make informed decisions about your products. If you withhold or fail to provide educational, entertaining content, customers will seek it elsewhere. You need to map out the content for each stage of your customer's journey so that you ensure that you have the content they need to make a buying decision.

  • Develop an omni-channel approach. An omni-channel approach is one that requires you to look at the buyer's journey as an integrated experience — all the channels are connected. Your customers need to experience your brand as a seamless one. You don't want to provide content for each channel as though it were isolated from the others.

  • Evaluate your customer's commercial intent. When you select your keywords, you want to make sure to include the phrases that capture your customer's intention to buy. Those keywords include ship, buy, purchase, and so on.

  • Look through a customer service lens. The companies that thrive on the web are usually the ones that provide outstanding customer service. You need to work at avoiding poor service for two reasons: (1) You owe it to your customers to provide customer service that they can't get from your competitors; and (2) because anyone can and will write a scathing review of your business. People pay greater attention to those bad reviews, so go out of your way to delight your customers.

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