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The blogosphere for account-based marketing is growing exponentially. The business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales blogs that have been around for years recognize the power of the keyword account-based marketing, and feature even more posts dedicated to the idea and best practices of ABM. These blogs typically are easy to digest and offer email subscriptions for free.

This list presents ten of the blogs that are the most useful for news and featured content on ABM, and how it impacts the world of B2B sales, marketing, and technology.


MarketingProfs' mission is to offer real-world education for modern marketers through training, best practices, research and other content. With more than 300,000 Twitter followers and over 111,000 Facebook followers, MarketingProfs promotes the latest news for innovative marketing professionals across multiple platforms.

The Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Ann Handley (@annhandley), is a thought leader for the marketing industry. The subject matter at MarketingProfs covers the dozens of applicable topics for modern marketers. The ROI and metrics blog category can be particularly useful for your account-based marketing efforts. MarketingProfs also hosts events, both in-person around the country and online in a virtual conference series.

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ClickZ ( is home to the latest and greatest in digital marketing news and analysis. The blog's expert advice includes such categories, email, analytics, media, social, stats and tools, videos, and breaking news. ClickZ provides global coverage including North America, the UK, and Asia. The account-based marketing content from Matthew Sweezey, author of Marketing Automation For Dummies, is particularly impactful, as well as the author's insights on the world of B2B marketing software best practices. The ClickZ Academy offers free webinars, as well as paid training and e-learning sessions.

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Funnelholic is a blog by Craig Rosenberg, an innovative B2B marketing and sales leader. Craig's obsession with the funnel comes from his lifetime on the West Coast helping companies — ranging from startups to large enterprises — improve their sales and marketing strategies to drive revenue. The content that Craig posts to Funnelholic includes aligning your sales and marketing teams to exploring the technologies needed to execute account-based marketing at scale.

He also provides helpful insights on account-based sales development, encouraging sales professionals to take an active role in demand generation. There's great content here on predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and how these tools help you obtain the data for ABM. Also, if you aren't an active blogger, his tips will help you to take your B2B blog to the next level.

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Business2Community is more than just a blog: it's a content aggregator. The platform sources original content on account-based marketing from a variety of B2B marketing and sales companies. The community of contributing bloggers and editors covers the top trends in content marketing, digital innovations, social media, social selling, and more. You'll find tons of original content, such as predictions for the next wave of B2B digital marketing, plus trending U.S. news and global reports. It's a go-to site for everything modern B2B marketing and sales professionals need to know about the latest news and trends. Business2Community offers free webcasts and whitepapers to readers.

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CustomerThink is focused on customer-centric business management topics. This is a must-read for account-based marketing, because putting your customer first is an essential part of the process for turning your customers into your advocates. The site's columns, articles, and interviews are contributed by writers from around the world. The Think Tank category includes posts that are handpicked by the blog's founder, Bob Thompson (@Bob_Thompson) who is the author of Hooked on Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies. On CustomerThink, the featured resources include a range of B2B customer-centric content that's readily available for download, such as Marketo's Definitive Guide for Demand Generation and Definitive Guide for Social Media.

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Media Post is a central source for marketing and advertising professionals who need comprehensive coverage on the ever-evolving media industry. Account-based marketing topics on the MediaPost blog include best practices for using display advertising, designing creatives, targeting your ideal customers, and more. Email updates are delivered multiple times a day, depending on which categories you select when setting up your user profile on MediaPost. The Events page on MediaPost includes major shows, such as SXSW (South by Southwest) and OMMA (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising), summits, workshops, and more. If you're looking for a claim to fame, you can apply for a number of awards.

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Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing is a consultancy dedicated to essential programs to successfully execute account-based marketing, such as content strategy, demand generation, sales enablement, and pipeline management. The founder, Matt Heinz, regularly blogs about a variety of ABM topics including "Best Practices for Implementing a Winning Account-Based Marketing" and "Ten sales & marketing tactics that are allegedly dead." The site also has a bevy of additional resources for implementing ABM at your own company.

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Chief MarTec

Chief MarTec is the B2B marketing industry's source for the news and innovations for marketing technology, commonly referred to as MarTech. As the blog's founder and editor, Scott Brinker, said, "Marketing has become a technology-powered discipline and therefore marketing organizations must infuse technical capabilities into their DNA." As account-based marketing leverages best practices for marketing and using technology to execute ABM at scale, the content posted on Chief MarTec will provide additional insights and be incredibly helpful. There are also ongoing MarTech events, including annual conferences in the United States and Europe that are vendor-agnostic. They're designed to bring together marketing and tech-savvy professionals.

Follow Chief MarTec on Twitter (@chiefmartec), and keep up with the latest trends in marketing technology by using #MarTech.


MarketingLand is a go-to source for CMOs and marketing leaders. Blog topics include best practices and thought leadership for SEO, SEM, paid search, advertising, mobile, email marketing, MarTech, and (of course) account-based marketing. Applicable ABM topics include "Account-Based Marketing: New Buzzword Or New Reality?" and "Account-Based Marketing: Back to Basics." MarketingLand hosts tons of events, such as the annual Search Marketing Expo (SMX), smaller SMX events, and the SocialPro conference.

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MarTech Advisor

MarTech Advisor has more than 350,000 subscribers to its blog and newsletter. This site is unique in how it divides its main categories. The "Experiences" category focuses on content marketing topics, such as email marketing, events, webinars, social media, sales enablement, and ad tech. There are other categories, such as "Operations" for analytics, "Middleware" for customer data management platforms, and "Backbone" for the essential marketing technology platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, and website content management. MarTech Advisor's Editor-in-Chief, Ankush Gupta (@thelearnedman), runs an interview series called "MarTech Maven." It features guest authors and thought leaders from the marketing technology world.

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