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Are you sitting down? Here’s some big news … sometimes, Millennials aren’t good employees. Just like every other generation, there are good eggs and rotten ones, but the challenge at times can be separating your own bias and stereotyping from the truth about the Millennial employee whom you work alongside. If you answer yes to two or more of the following questions, there’s a good chance that you are dealing with a bad employee, not just a Millennial:
  • Yes/No Do you keep making excuses to keep him there?
  • Yes/No Do you find your greatest challenges to be with just one Millennial versus many of them?
  • Yes/No Do his Millennial colleagues struggle to work with him?
  • Yes/No Does he fulfill one too many stereotypes of the Millennial generation?
  • Yes/No Is he oblivious to the way that he fulfills those stereotypes? Even after you’ve spoken to him about it?
  • Yes/No Has he been given the honest conversations and tools to change, but you still don’t see a difference?
If you circled yes to two or more of the questions in the list, it may be time to put a plan in place and have a tough conversation.

The key here is that just because you have one bad Millennial, it may not say anything about the generation as a whole. Resist the urge to take one bad egg’s bad behavior out on all of your young employees.

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