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As a manager and business coach, you set the tone for your team. To exert influence and coach effectively, stay aware of your tone-setter role because even your own faults and weaknesses can be magnified within the staff you manage. Of course, even if you lead by positive example, there's no guarantee that you'll get positive behavior and performance in return, but doing so certainly increases the likelihood.

Managers and business coaches who successfully lead by example all exhibit common traits that set the right tone for their groups. These managers

  • Listen to understand; aren't judgmental.

  • Follow through and meet commitments.

  • Take an interest in employees as people.

  • Work productively and meet deadlines.

  • Are flexible and open-minded.

  • Treat others with respect.

  • Stay calm under pressure.

  • Address issues constructively and in a timely manner.

  • Share information and stay in touch.

  • Collaborate with others.

  • Are solutions-oriented and don't blame.

  • Recognize good performance from others.

  • Display honesty and integrity.

  • Show interest and enthusiasm for the work of individuals and the group.

  • Show up on time for meetings and other important events.

  • Take a positive focus in interactions.

When you make these behaviors regular practices, they earn you respect in return. Most important, they build your personal influence as a manager, which puts you on the road to ensuring the commitment of your employees. It's easier to ask your employees for high levels of performance and professional conduct when you demonstrate these efforts yourself.

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