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Technology plays a pivotal role in helping organizations consistently recognize employee contributions. Currently, most organizations are leveraging existing talent management technologies, such as performance management, learning management, and employee self-service providers, to improve engagement. As the employee recognition market matures, organizations need to consider solutions that specialize in linking recognition to organizational performance by offering capabilities like e-cards and online recognition tracking.

Currently, only 25 percent of organizations are leveraging online tools that track rewards and recognition progress against stated performance goals.

The following discussion outlines the elements of recognition technology that have the most impact on engagement by reinforcing desired performance goals of the organization and connecting employees to the organization's mission and values, which together drive the business aspects of the organization.

Reinforcing desired performance goals

Being able to track the effectiveness of engagement and recognition efforts can help organizations better align engagement with business objectives and improve performance. Research by the Aberdeen Group found that Best-in-Class organizations have a significant advantage in being able to measure these activities.

Forty-six percent of Best-in-Class organizations can measure the success of employee engagement efforts compared to 25 percent of other companies surveyed. Forty-three percent of Best-in-Class organizations have access to metrics on recognition efforts compared to only 18 percent of other companies surveyed.

Unfortunately, despite a high demand for better data, analytics in human capital management remains incredibly complex and complicated. Few human resources professionals and technology providers have been able to simplify the process in a way that enables organizations to collect data, assemble it into useful information, and deliver reports to senior leaders. Recognition is no exception.

Connecting employees to the organization's mission and values

Recognition is most effective at driving employee engagement when it directly links employees to the mission and core values of the organization. Most organizations, for example, are looking to drive behaviors that reinforce their core values. Some organizations may wish to showcase events while others prefer personalized messaging. Since recognition is ideally aligned with an organization's culture, any technology solutions need to be customizable to reflect the company values and overall mission.

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