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A category of displays to consider using for those speeches or innovative presentations that warrant them are items that you can buy or build or hire someone else to build.

Here is an example of a display that adds flavor to a presentation. You can place something like this near you or somewhere in the room. Or you can have it as an attractive sign at an entrance beckoning people into a meeting room.

[Credit: Photograph courtesy of Ray Anthony]
Credit: Photograph courtesy of Ray Anthony

When Stoddard Construction’s (not their real name) business development professional gives a presentation, the presenter brings along this eye-catching sign to accompany her electronic presentation. The company constructed the display by gluing a laminated graphic to foam-core board. Notice she’s wearing a prop construction helmet; both the sign and hardhat add spice to her presentation.

The construction company attached real aluminum strips around the edges and used real bolts drilled through the foam core to give the display a sturdy look and feel. Then they built a stand for the detailed model crane out of various metal pieces, including some from an Erector Set. They purchased the museum-quality die-cast model crane from TWH Collectibles.

To reinforce their image as an innovative construction company, at a certain point in her presentation the presenter dons the light-bulb helmet as a prop. This product-related costuming goes over very well with even the most conservative customers.

[Credit: Photograph courtesy of Ray Anthony]
Credit: Photograph courtesy of Ray Anthony

For presenters dealing with the construction, automotive, aerospace, or shipbuilding industries, attaching die-cast, wooden, or other models and objects to displays can help differentiate you and your presentation even in small but important ways. Check out companies like Fairfield Collectibles and Magellan Models to get ideas and purchase items.

Consider using your own image: Next to the entry of the room where he’ll be giving a speech, a professional motivational speaker places a two-foot photo of himself that is cut out as an outline and attached to the back of the display with a thick backing to create a three-dimensional look. A real microphone is attached to this display.

As people walk in to the room, this attractive sign helps build his credibility and professionalism. Or, consider creating an eye-catching standee — a self-standing display — of yourself or something relating to your presentation to promote or highlight your presentation. These custom-designed displays typically are made of thick cardboard and may include three-dimensional objects, devices, moving parts, and lights.

These are useful at the entrance to your public seminar, conference, convention, or other (non-corporate business) presentation. For ideas, check out Shindigz,, or Pixus Digital Printing.

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