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When you speak to a crowd, communicating effectively means that your delivery is positive and confident so that your message comes across effectively. Use the tips in the following list to convey your points:

  • Speak up so others can easily hear you, especially in group situations.

  • Make your message as concise as possible; wordiness is not needed or wanted.

  • Use language in the best way possible to make your points.

  • Talk with your hands and use them to emphasize your key points.

  • Be direct and honest with people as a consistent practice.

  • Provide steady eye contact with your listeners to engage their attention when you talk.

  • Maintain an alert body posture when you speak to put life behind your message.

  • Pause to gather your thoughts so you avoid extraneous sounds, such as “um” that clutter your message.

  • Focus on getting solutions when you talk about problems.

  • Be sincere: People respond best to those who are genuine and respectful in their delivery.

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