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Business writing techniques are an important part of your website. Did you know that after the Home page, About Us is the most frequently visited website page across industries? Often, it’s the make-or-break part of your site that keeps people with you or leads them to click away.

You want to be your best and most trustworthy self on the About Us page. Therefore:

  • Write in first person: Use “I,” not “they.”
  • Center on the problem-solving core of your business.
  • Deliver your value proposition in reader-friendly terms — what your business provides that no one else does.
  • Tell your story: why you founded the business, why you are passionate about it, what is satisfying to you, what audience success means to you.
  • Translate your skills or product capabilities into benefits for the customer.
  • If appropriate, say why the opportunity is special or why the timing is wonderful — for example, new technology opens up the Internet to almost everyone, affordably.
  • Include a good photo of yourself, looking friendly but confident, and video of you in action if possible.

Cite evidence of your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness, but don’t lead with it — it’s probably boring. No résumé-speak! See credentials as a backup to communicating who you are and how and why you can help. Here is the place to present a vision of how much better life (or something) will be with you in the picture.

A good About Us page prompts the reader to look into the actual product by moving on to your Services, or some other page. It’s another good place to offer something free and collect email addresses, too: “Schedule a free 10-minute consultation now!” “Register for our webinar now!” “Ask for my free ebook!” “Read my free newsletter!” “Follow me on these social media!”

What if there is no “us”? Then “Meet Jane” or something similar is fine. But it’s not a virtual world for nothing: Most consultants have allies on call and occasional partners according to the gig. Our Golden Years Internet CEO might well notice when writing the About Us page that in fact, he does need to back up his qualifications with other people like an occupational therapist and psychologist. This team should also be introduced on the About Us page.

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