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When putting together a presentation, there are a bazillion apps that can help you create cool content. The ten apps we list here let you sketch, make graphs, edit photos and video, and add special effects. For the most part, you create the content and then either save it as a PDF or import it directly into your presentation app (PowerPoint, Keynote, or whatever you use).

  • Sketchbook Pro 6: Windows or Mac, free trial, $59.99

    This well-known best-selling sketch app offers full drawing and painting capabilities and compatibility with Wacom tablets so that you can create visuals with a handheld stylus.

  • FX Photo Studio: Mac, , $9.99, pro version $19.99

    Apply filters and special effects to your photos to create the mood and impact you want.

  • Photo Editor: Windows or Mac, Free

    Apply filters and frames and touch up your photos with this app.

  • Meme Generator: Windows, Free

    Use this quirky app to generate memes with your own photos or choose one from the in-app gallery. Memes can be a fun, and memorable, way to open or close your presentation.

  • Art Text Lite: Windows or Mac, Free, full version $9.99

    Add special effects to your text to create logos or eye-catching, outstanding words. Drawing tools let you create and add your own shapes, too.

  • Omnigraffle: Mac, $99

    The ultimate tool for creating diagrams, charts, and shape-based graphics.

  • TeraPlot LT: Windows, Free

    Create two- and three-dimension plotted graphs based on data or mathematical expressions.

  • ArcSoft ShowBiz: Windows, Free

    Turn your video into an edited movie with special effects, transitions, and audio.

  • CuteCut Pro: Mac, $29.99

    The simple drag-and-drop interface makes editing and producing movies easy for the non-professional. Add special effects and draw directly on your movie.

  • Doodleinator: Windows, Free with ads, $1.49 ad-free

    Turn your sketches and doodles into an electronic animated flipbook.

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