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To ensure your nonprofit’s daily activities are completed, organize a weekly to-do list and prioritize the tasks so the important ones are done first and other jobs are scheduled around them. Managing your nonprofit means sticking to your plan to stay organized and run efficiently. Apply these guidelines to your nonprofit’s weekly plan:

  • Set up daily priorities. Knowing what you need to accomplish each day allows you to take care of the most pressing matters.

  • Surround yourself with professional staff. Surrounding yourself with professionals eliminates the pettiness of daily office drama! Professionals are self-motivated and focused on doing their jobs, and they require minimum supervision.

  • Keep your goals before you. To maintain a clear vision, keep your eyes on the prize. Post your vision or your goals in a place where they’re visible to you every day.

  • Manage your time by planning and scheduling your daily activities. Be mindful of distractions that pull you away from completing your tasks.

  • Stay out of politics. Avoiding politics at work protects your nonprofit’s status.

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