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Bookkeeper 2014 is a cost-effective choice for bookkeeping software if you’re just starting up and don’t have sophisticated bookkeeping or accounting needs. You can prepare invoices, pay bills, write checks, manage inventory, track receivables, bill customers, and prepare payroll. But there is no online version offered, and it only receives minor updates periodically.

The program includes accounting templates for things like sales orders, quotes, receipts, and other basic needs. More than 125 reports and charts are included that you can customize to your accounting needs.

You can purchase add-ons for processing payroll and credit-card processing. However, the add-on features don’t work as well as features that are included in an original software package, such as the ones included as part of QuickBooks.

Bookkeeping 2014 does not offer the ability to scale up, which means as your business grows, you will need to find another package for your business needs. So consider this program only if you plan to keep your business small with only basic accounting needs.

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