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While certain details of a wedding schedule should be attended to sooner rather than later, almost every aspect of a wedding timeline can be accomplished in less than two months. In devising your customized timetable, allow your priorities, budget, personal schedules and reality constraints to come into play.

Before you set the date

Before you’ve finalized and confirmed the day of your marriage, get a jump on the aspects that are hard to find, are in great demand or simply take a long time to accomplish. These include:

  • Location: If you want to get married in the high season at a desirable spot, you may want to book up to a year in advance.

  • Band: Like hot venues, good bands and DJs require that you book them several months in advance.

  • Gown: The hunt for the perfect wedding dress is unpredictable. Even if your very first trip is successful, you still need to have the gown shipped and altered. Then you need the veil, shoes, undergarments and other accessories.

  • Invitations: Although invites are usually mailed six weeks before the wedding, eight weeks is even better. The printing and mailing itself can take up to four months.

Planning a holiday wedding

Having a wedding coincide with a holiday is tempting. It can work if your family usually gets together at this time, or if people coming from out of town need the few extra days off work that a holiday provides.

On the other hand, some people might resent spending their vacation time tending to a social obligation. They may expect the gracious host to make sure there is plenty to keep them entertained. You could find yourself playing social director for several days before and after the wedding.

Another drawback to piggybacking your wedding with a holiday is cost. Think how much you would charge to work on a holiday. The service staff feels the same way.

Choosing your wedding date

While people may put in requests as to what days would be best to them, you can’t please everyone with your wedding date. And factors other than personal preference can affect the best time to have your wedding. Maybe you have your heart set on a certain style of photographs and the only photographer in the region who specializes in it is booked. Either you go with a different photographer or you shift the date.

In the end, you must decide on a date that’s best for you and the majority of your guests and chosen bridal party attendants. Once you’ve set the date, stick to it to avoid confusion. Your guests will have to deal with it.

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