Variety makes life more interesting. If you always go to the same restaurant, that repetition can get boring, and boredom doesn’t help keep those romantic fires burning. By trying a new place, you get to sample new foods and a new atmosphere. The experience will give you new things to talk about, even if the new restaurant isn’t as good as your regular haunt.

The need for variety also holds true in the bedroom. If you always make love exactly the same way, at the same time, and in the same place, the routine can become boring. A woman may actually come to dread the way a man always touches her in the exact same way. His touch doesn’t make her feel special or wanted; it makes her feel like an old shoe.

Here are some ways to spice up your sex life:

  • Take turns ordering a sex toy on the web.

  • Once a week make love in a room other than your bedroom.

  • Have sex for a month without once using the missionary position.

  • Make love blindfolded.

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