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Impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) may seem like health tragedies to the men who suffer from them. In fact, the ability to have an erection may be more centrally connected to good health than you realize.

Studies have proven that long before troublesome symptoms of heart disease or obesity present themselves, a man is likely to notice differences in his ability to have an erection. This trouble can be caused either by being out of shape or from smoking.

The connection between men's health and erection leads to a few conclusions:

  • If a man notices any changes to his erections, he should immediately consult with his physician to be checked for any signs of heart or circulatory disease.

  • If a man would like to keep erectile dysfunction (ED) at bay and he smokes, he should stop.

  • A man who strengthens his heart through cardio workouts also maintains his ability to have erections. A recent study showed that men who expended energy equivalent to running 1.5 hours a week reduced the chances of encountering problems with ED by 30 percent as compared to men who didn’t exercise.

  • That same study found that men who didn’t exercise and were also overweight were 2-1/2 times likelier to develop ED than men who led active lifestyles and were of normal weight.

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